YEAPHI 72V Fast Charging Charger for Electric vehicle

    • 72V Fast Charging Charger is used for Electric vehicle. it is used for Electric vehicle.
    • There are about 27 years experiences in this industry. We are the specified supplier who cooperates with many famous customers in this industry for a long time, such as Greenworks, Ryobi, TTI, Alamo Group, Briggs&Stratton and Generac.

We provide you with

  • Free customized development.

  • Professional service-YEAPHI

    has 3 research and development centers that solve customers' technical challenges.

  • Excellent cost control

    based on high self-manufactured ratio.

  • Full compliance

    with IATF16949 standards.

  • Over 5 years' experience

    in electric lawn vehicle based on cooperating with RYOBI and Greenworks.

  • Products catalogue

Product features

  • 01


      • Ride on Electric vehicle.
  • 02


      • 1. Compact design, water resistant, stainless steel shaft.
      • 2. Fast Charging.
      • 3. Increased performance for Electric vehicle.


1. A fast charger fora low-speed electric car comprises an AC power source, a DC power converter and an interface module that provides both charge current and battery cell voltage measurement.

2. The fast charger is equipped with high quality insulation materials which ensure its safety when charging different types of batteries.

3. This device offers adjustable charging current up to 10 amps, ensuring faster rate of charging for the electric cars battery cells.

4. It features protection from short circuit, over temperature and reverse polarity thus preventing any potential damage to the battery during recharging process .

5. This charger also has various indicators such as LED display panel which show status details like input voltage, output voltage or present working state enabling easy monitoring of the recharge operation in real time mode.

6. By using this fast charger one can quickly top up electricity needed by their low-speed electric car without worrying about its safety.

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